Saturday, August 29, 2015

Saturday night blogging- a hopeless cause

I just got back from playing shuffleboard at the volunteer organization that I play in weekly. Weakly is how I play, I have one decent game then I suck the next game. Oh well, so much is life. Now, I am home working on the computer. I should be working on one of my books but I am not in the mood. Instead I searched Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and Stumbleupon looking for something to hold my attention but nothing did meaning I am now blogging. I could read one of the books on my list to review but that requires concentration, something I don't have while enjoying a cocktail or two or more.  I don't want to start something because I intend to take a few days off from the computer to do a little fishing. My wife while I was playing shuffleboard prepared meals for us for three days since she doesn't have time to cook on those days, she loves fishing more than cooking.  I have been rewriting "Lightning Rages" making changes the editor suggested to improve the story. That is why you haven't seen many posts by me in the past week or so, mainly guest posts promoting someone else's work. I am okay with that. The reader might find a good book by someone else and recall where they seen it. They then might come back and look at one of my books. That is why I support so many diverse authors and promote their work. Some I have read and I will make a recommendation that the readers check it out. Readers have such diverse tastes that once in a while they will venture out in a new genre and discover a new rising author they come to love. The hardest part is getting that reader to take the step out of their favorite genre and make sure you recommend a good book for them to enjoy. How has it been for you? Do you stick to your favorite genre or are you adventurous?

Talk back, I'm listening as always and enjoy the rest of your weekend reading a book.  

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