Friday, September 9, 2016

Trump buys the Presidency

No matter how much money the Democrats raise trying to secure the White house and Congress it will not be enough. Ever since the Republicans found out they can buy their way into office, they can and will do that. All Trump has to do is keep blaming everything wrong in the world on Hillary Clinton and President Obama, tying the two together they know that their negative campaigns will guarantee they win in 2016. The average America voter listens to the negative and recalls it when they walk into the election booth. Unless the economy really tanks in the next two months the voters will vote according to the negative commercials even if they are untrue or half-truths. I watched the election in 2014 in Arkansas very closely. The Republicans bide their time and wait until weeks before the vote to suddenly flood the airwaves as much bullshit as they can to turn the voters against a popular Senator and replace him with one the Koch Brothers bought and paid for. He knows he is owned and when the his owners pull his strings, he respond exactly like they want. To me it is shocking how short the memory is of voters but I guess that is human nature. 

Americans have short memories, they forget how we dumped the smoke filled back rooms where the party bigwigs decided who our next President will be and created primaries to lessen their power. After losing that, they decided the best way to get control back was to back only certain candidates make the people want them by saying or doing everything in their power to make sure Americans favor them. Even though Trump is a bigot, racist and dehumanizes women, they are doing everything in their power to make people forget all this so he can make America Great again, Whoops, Make America White again. 

On the Commander in Chief debate, that was a farce. It was clear that as Commander in Cheif, Trump would blame everything on Clinton and Obama but not offer any real solutions. Not one person asked him about his wanting to nuke the terrorist. They tried to worm out of him what the security briefings were about. He only said that those giving him the briefing had proposed one thing and Obama didn't follow. When asked  a question about anything, he quickly pointed out that everything wrong in the world was caused by Hillary or Obama. Even if the audience knew that some of the things were untrue they didn't waver in their support of Trump.      

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