Saturday, September 24, 2016

World peace and harmony

World peace and harmony- I know it is just a pipe dream but something I would like to see in my lifetime. We humans always learn the hard way. We will push and fight until we are almost extinct before we finally realize all life is precious regardless of color, greed, religion or place of birth. One day in the future we may sit down and solve differences with words instead of bullets. In my Lightning in the Tunnel series, I used the almost destruction of the human race to make my point. At least there, after they put the world back together, they eliminated war, hunger and insured every human being had an education. I sometimes wonder if we will stop fighting once the world his almost destroyed or will the survivors continue to fight and kill taking instead of sharing what little resources are left.  In my book, one of the main characters making a speech said this, "I would like to see a Mosque on one corner, a Synagogue on another, a Catholic church on another with a Protestant church on another and instead of settling their differences with bombs or bullets, they meet in the middle of the street and talk them out." I could see this happening if everyone agrees to disagree on the points that start wars. When the day comes that everyone realizes that everyone else has a right to life and live peacefully with each other, this can happen. Don't you agree? No one has the right to force another to believe as they do. If everyone above eighteen in the world had the right to vote and agreed not to elect those that wish to wage war or dominate the world were replaced. This could be a better world.

 I know I'm rambling on about my pipe dream, what do you think? Talk back I'm listening as always.    

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