Monday, September 5, 2016

Writing is an evolution by a writer

When an everyday writer finishes his/her first book, they think it is the greatest story ever written but the realization sets in that just because it is, no one has ever heard about it or you. So you start an author platform by going on social media. Let me tell you, it is a slow process, especially now days when there is so many out there writing books. If you are smart, you won't spend all your time on social media trying to garner followers but get back to what you love... writing. You have to love it or you wouldn't waste your time being a writer. When you have have written your second book as you go through editing it or having it edited, you will find that it is better than your first book. How do you ask? Your evolution has started. Most people do not start out writing their best book. I'm sure Stephen King had some of his earlier works in his opinion ready for the trash can. Once he found out what works, he cranks them out one after another. He has found his niche (style) that works for him. You have to find yours, copying someone else won't work, but once you have your style, each book will be better than your last. I may never write a bestseller but each book I write, I feel is better than the last one. A true writer's evolution into a well known writer, at least that is what I hope I have become. I have put all that I learned into writing "Saddle Spur" and believe when it is finished, everyone will agree it is the best one written by me so far. Once I complete it have it edited, I will go back to writing "IronHearts" Got to keep the writing flowing. So all you aspiring writers out there, here is Stephen King's advice "Keep writing and reading to become successful" My additional advice is after you have written the best book get back to writing and let time tell where or not it is the best. You might surprise yourself by actually writing the best book ever written.

Talk back, I'm listening as always just not here everyday.

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