Monday, September 19, 2016

Pondering a post

With the American election dominating the news, it is hard not to post something political for my American readers. Still I prefer to post something about writing or my books. Let's get the Political part out of the way. I saw a program where Donald Trump says he will bring back all those high paying jobs to America. That is clearly something that can never be done because when factories close and set idle for a long time, they have to be totally rebuilt and no one wants to spend that kind of money. Being a Plant Manager for many years, I know what I am talking about. American corporations are the ones that would have to do that kind of investments. They will never do it when it is more profitable for them to ship the jobs overseas getting tax breaks and huge profits. Why pay an American worker a high wages when it can be done cheaper overseas. I had to laugh when a worker went on to say that he believed Trump and was voting for him to be President just for that reason. I couldn't believe how naive that person was. I know Hillary is not much of a choice but I can't abode with racism, bigotry and sexism then trying to cover it up with fancy political ads that smothers the true facts. Enough about politics, I have had my weekly say.
In my last post about writing-The Evolution of a writer. I spoke of how must get better each time they write and publish a book. Very few writers are good out of the gate and have to improve with each book. Hopefully their first one doesn't turn the readers off. Like Stephen King said, "write,write,,read,read...." That is the way to improve your storytelling until you have everyone in the world reading your work and coming to you for advice. I admit I am a long way from having even a huge following but I stay on social media hoping that somehow one reader will pick up one of my books and tell another and another until it becomes a bestseller. In the meantime, I will keep writing, rewriting and blogging even if it is about other's books.

Have a great week and talk back, I'm listening!

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