Saturday, April 13, 2013

Old friends lost=new friends

Traveling through life, how many still have contact with those they knew in high school. I have observed that most people that stay in one location all their lives keep the contacts. But those like me that have moved around a little lose those contacts. We make new contacts and new friends as time goes on. In my life I have had to start over three times making new friends. We lose contact with the old ones because we get so wrapped up in our new lives that these people don't understand the new life and are so busy in their own that they just lose touch. One of the nice things about the growth of the Internet and cell phones is that we can stay in touch more frequently than ever before with snail mail and plain phone service. As I changed friends so to speak with my moving around the country, I wonder how my old friends are doing. Not having email address or facebook connections, I find them hard to locate. Still, I miss them and think of them once in a while. They were once so much of your life that you never thought you would lose contact with them. Seeing their children grow up with yours, they seemed so much like your family that it is hard to imagine those children now having children of their own and lives of their own.
A couple of days ago, my grandson, Jesse got married while on leave from the service. In my mind, I still see him as a child not as an adult. I wonder if others have the same picture of someone they loved but is all grown up now but you still see them as a child playing with toys? Being in their lives sparingly you don't see them grow day to day. I haven't seen him in three years and then only briefly as we passed through his hometown.  
One of my best friends, Rhonda had a daughter, Jasmine. We spent so much time together, her family and mine that I felt her daughter was my daughter. I haven't seen or heard from them for thirteen years, Jasmine was eight at the time, I'm sure she is grown up and has children of her own by now.
Sometimes, memories of our old friends flash through our minds and we wonder what happened to them. I know it is my fault that we lost contact with me working all the time and not bothering to write even with snail mail. Such is life!
The nice thing about making new friends, they go a long way in filling the void left by not having old friends around. Now that I retired and can spend more time on staying in touch, I hope to re-establish contact with some of my old friends if by chance I stumble upon them on the net. Meanwhile, I have made new friends on the Internet even though I may not be as close as those that I see everyday, they are becoming close friends. Talk back to me, I'm listening!