Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Seditary price!

Last winter I sat around the keyboard too much. I am paying for it today with blisters on my hands, aching legs and sore back from doing things in the yard. My wife who did the same thing is a hurting machine as well. We had most of our trees trimmed back and I have been procrastinating on getting the lawnmower in operation. You know what that meant, the grass was thick and tall. Hence, it was a fight to cut it. The callouses that were on my hands when I used to work all the time were gone, now replaced by blisters. I have made a vow not to sit around all next winter and just write books but do something everyday so I am not in this condition come next spring. My wife made the same vow instead of reading or watching movies, she plans on working on arts and crafts in the barn after I close it up so it is not so cold in there.
Since I plan on writing only one book this year, Chronicles of the Marauder, Book two, I should spend a lot of time outside repairing things around our place and traveling to promote the books I have already written. I should stay active this summer and slowly get back into work shape. I might toward the end of the year finish the finale book of the Lightning in the Tunnel series called "Lightning Rages". That will conclude my dystopian series. For those that have read the series, I apologize for taking so long. I spoke in my last blog about different paths, I guess I just went a different direction sticking to my science fiction path right now. At least today my hands have somewhat healed and allowed me to post this blog. My fingers didn't want to touch the keyboard last night so I stayed off the computer.
It is suppose to storm tonight, hopefully there is no Tornadoes in this storm. It is the time of the year for them around here. A couple of years ago, one came through and just about destroyed our house. I have it almost all repaired but the barn damage has not been fully repaired. I don't want to start all over again. That was the reason we trimmed back the trees so they wouldn't take out the house or trap us in the storm cellar.   
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