Monday, April 29, 2013


For the first time since my first books were published, I have slowed down my writing after cranking out thirteen books over a three year period. Some of them I wrote long ago but never published so I didn't really write them in that time period, just went through and updated them setting them in the present or close to it. Now, like most writers I am spending a lot of time on social media trying to get the word out about them.
Reviews have been mixed and a lot of them have never been reviewed so now I'm switching to trying to get some book clubs to take a look at them. A Need for Lightning received a five star rating on That was nice, the reviewers only negative was the main character had too many wives for her liking. Brandi's Nightmare received a four star rating on Goodreads and Amazon. Since I don't push for reviews, most people that have read my books don't give one. It is hard to get the works of an unknown out there I have found so that is why I am slowing down on publishing and writing. My dystopian series Lightning in the Tunnel is finally done with the rewrites. I quietly launched the rewrite of the second book in the series so now that is updated still only missing the final book, Lightning Rages it will be out in 2014.
It is hard to concentrate on pushing one book but I have decided to concentrate on three books getting them known on the social media if possible. T.T. Gristman my time travel book, A Stranger comes Crawling, my first science fiction and my other science fiction series, Chronicles of the Marauder. Book One.
I think it is easier to have only one book out there published and to get the word out but I might be wrong! You single book published authors can disagree with me but I think having only one book, you can put all your efforts into it. Each book takes a different approach at least for me it has. Chronicles I blog about the characters and very little of the story. This seems to have the best results, they are selling. T.T Gristman and A Stranger Comes Crawling, I blog about the story and haven't had that much interest so I am going to change my blogging on them to be like Chronicles of the Marauder. Which type of blog interests you more? Talk back, I'm listening. To see all my books go or on look on my bookshelf. Also on my shelf on Goodreads. Just remember, I'm listening to you!