Monday, April 22, 2013

To blog or not?

Every morning I get up, some times late and think should I blog today or not. Do I have anything to say that anyone wants to read? With everything that is going on in the news, the Boston bombing, gun control and other eye catching events, what could I say that is of interest to anyone? Tragedies capture the headlines in America and events like this capture the headlines around the world. Some countries are happy to see this occur others feel sad the events took some one's life. I see a slow change occurring in America as we give up more of our freedoms in the effort to feel more secure that events like this can never happen. I think if events like this and others are not televised around the world. The ones doing it would have no reason to do so, they just want attention. If we took away their attention, they will be less inclined to kill innocent people to get it. The shooting in the school, in the theater, bombing in the marathon, and other events are occurring more frequent because those doing it know they will be remembered even for a short time. Every time one of these events occur, people are forced to change their lifestyles in an effort to feel safe but are we really becoming safer? There is no way to stop those wishing to grab our attention and be front page news unless we stop making it possible for them to do so. There is no easy answer for this because people have the right to know what is going on. Do you have a solution to this problem, I know I don't!
Everyday around the world, people are killed by someone for religious  differences, political differences of their families, or because someone does not like the color of their skin or eyes. Has the planet become so populated that one life means nothing? I ponder these questions and many more when I get up each morning.
We see on TV, movies and read in books where people have accepted each other even having different views on the world, why can't we do that in real life. I am especially sadden when innocent children are killed during the attention grabbing episode of someone or ones. We ended the life of a child that might be a future leader of the world that would bring peace and harmony to this planet before it even has a chance to become!
Talk back to me, I'm Listening!