Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Tying up loose ends!

As the title suggests, I have been tying up loose ends. The editing of the rewrite of my replacement book Lightning in the Tunnel-Rescue has been completed and published on Amazon and Createspace.. Originally the book was just the second half of my book "Lightning in the Tunnel; In the Beginning" but I chose to rewrite it dropping out the explicit sex scenes and adding more detail to the story. The first half of the book was published under the title of Lightning in the Tunnel Begins" now I have published the gap between Begins and Zigzagging Home called Lightning in the Tunnel- Rescue. All that remains is the publishing of the last book in the series called "Lightning Rages" and I will have finished the entire ten book series, thank goodness! What started out as three books some how got out of hand and turned into ten books. I won't publish the final book until 2014 to give readers time to wade through the series to that point. Even though I know a lot started reading the series at book "A Need for Lightning " They will just have to wait until then to read the conclusion so those starting at the beginning can catch up. Incidentally, A Need for Lightning received a five star rating on Shelfari from one of the readers there. After the bashing Lightning in the Tunnel Begins received, I didn't think anyone liked the series. Lightning in the Tunnel series is my first and last dystopian series I will ever right, thank goodness. I am sticking to my science fiction books at least all of this year, I still have to finish my lone western book called "Saddle Spur" it is my one attempt to write a fictional western set in real time in the west and with real places but I need to do a lot more research before I can go on with the story. I touched on the real west a little in part of my time travel story called "T.T. Gristman" but it is only a small part of the time travel story of Tee.
If my lone venture out to write a mystery is any indication of my going out of my genre to write, I might never publish the western.  Even though the book, "Brandi's Nightmare" did get a four star rating with some criticism people are not flocking to buy it. I changed the ending and republished it because of several comments that it just fizzled out at the end meaning they didn't like the ending. My science fiction book Chronicles of the Marauder  on the other hand has been warmly received. So I will stick with Science fiction in the future! Talk back, I'm Listening!
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