Wednesday, January 15, 2014

An unusual Contest

A lot of authors (Writers) enter contests trying to get their name out and the name of the books trying to find readers also to be able to brag about winning with the hope that everyone would buy their book because it is a winner. I am a finalist in a unique contest where winning is not the most important thing but supporting other writers and making friends is the most important criteria of the contest. It is an International even with writers entering their book excerpts from all over the world. Since it is an international contest in English that was one of the limiting aspects. 

What makes this unique is everyone is tweeting and posting on various sites such as Google plus, LinkedIn,  GoodReads, Tumbler, along with Facebook each others excerpts giving world wide publicity to each of the 170 excerpt entries. It has been narrowed down now to the finalist with the winners and twenty runners up being named on February 1, 2014. The contest I am speaking of is on called the Author of the year contest. The grand winner will have their book made into a movie. So drop by and give a little support to everyone. Here is a copy of my entry tweet, you can drop by and read the whole excerpt if you desire. 

#MARSocial #Author of Year #Finalist #RT A Stranger Comes Crawling by @Agmoye#FoxNEWS #AMAZON #NYTimes…
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