Friday, January 31, 2014

Hidden Magic- my review

My review of Hidden Magic   Sorry I am so late on posting it. I was suppose to post it on Wednesday, I think. I was too sick to do much of anything.

Now my computer is acting up not letting me do what I want with this post. I was surprised when I read the book after I started feeling better on how entertaining it was. I was lost in the story by the end. Six years of hard work paid off for this author. 

Hidden Magic by Melanie Crouse

I surprised giving this book five stars. I was going to give it only four stars but the way Melanie brought the book together in the last part; I felt it deserved five stars.
I enjoyed the story and feel everyone should read the work of this talented writer.
The story is about a young woman that slowly learns about life and herself in a land filled with magical Dravani, gypsies and humans all living in the same peaceful world of Kierika. In the next kingdom, humans are slaves to the Dravani. It is a story filled with magic and a young woman’s coming of age finding herself able to stand on her own in their world.
The main Character’s:
Jenny, the main Character is a young woman was raised as a human in the kingdom of Kierika that makes part of Nazdravan discovers she is not just human. Sheltered all her life by her Aunt and grandmother she learns the truth when she goes to her sister’s wedding about herself.
Sarah, her older sister that by her wedding brings the protected Jenny into the real world to attend her wedding.
Arram, a Dravani man that Jenny falls in love with but has difficulty accepting his ways.
Jack, another Dravani that tries to steal Jenny away from Arram to posses her. She enjoys Jack’s attentions at first and almost falls in love with him but he is devious and tries to take her for his own. 

About the Author When Melanie Crouse looks out her window right now, all she can see are ice covered trees and a huge igloo surrounded by glittery, sparkly snow. There is also a cat, but he is barely visible because his white fur is such great camouflage in the winter. Somewhere out in all that whiteness, (hopefully in the igloo, but who knows?) are her husband and two youngest children. As soon as Melanie is done with writing for the night, she is going to play Curses with her teenage children, and then they will probably watch TV. And then, when everyone is asleep, (except possibly the shivery children in the igloo), Melanie is going to meet online with Sheena and Sabrina, where they will discuss horrible ways to torture the characters of Pyromancy, who have been way too happy for a couple of chapters now. It is a wonderful life. You can find Melanie at: and at
Sorry I don't have the link to her Amazon page, I didn't think to get it while I was there picking up the cover image for this post. If magic and a young woman coming of age is not to to liking check out some of my weird books at
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