Monday, January 13, 2014

Overloading my mind

Reading, reviewing, writing on my book Jody's Dilemma along with watching football playoffs, has my day pretty much booked up besides doing my Honey Do's that my wife insists on me doing. Then on top of all that, my editor and I chatted about Sasha, she said it needs a lot of work to make it ready for publishing. LOL. So goes the life of a writer. Between that and football, I didn't get as much writing done as I had hoped. A scene I needed to write yesterday kept rolling around in my head while I was reading Angels and Aliens for a review. I am about half way through reading, Life II another review I plan to write this week. I post my reviews on this blog, Amazon, Goodreads, and any other site the author wishes including Smashwords. 

Last night before I could go to bed, I had to write the scene that kept unfolding in my head. I managed to get half of it down before heading to bed. I don't know about other writers but once a scene starts rolling in my head, it wont let me concentrate on much else until it is written down. I have been known to crawl out of bed at 3:00 am and come in turning on the computer and writing for two or three hours then head back to bed. By the way, how is your week starting off? Talk back, I'm Listening. 

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