Thursday, January 16, 2014


I first learned to blog when I found out that it is the writer's job to promote their books. Publisher no longer push them. Now, I blog because I want to stay in touch with the people out on social media that I have become friends with and feel like I need to let them know what is going on in my life. I also blog reviews of books that I have read and get other's feedback on what they thought of the book as well. I have joined several sites and comment on several threads giving my two cents worth even though sometimes it is not even worth that but I comment anyway. I have interviewed several authors on my sites and will continue to do so. I have joined networking blogs, Bloglovin, Bloggers and over sites so feel free to follow me and throw in your two cents on whatever I am blogging about today. I have several blogs but normally use this one and the one on Wordpress to say what is on my mind. My other sites are mainly about a particular book of mine. Marsocial is another site that I can be found on I try to chat there at least every other day. 

Now I ask what do you blog about? You can follow my blogs and I will follow you back if you have a follow button. 

Talk back, I'm Listening!