Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The Trident and the Resurrection by Vic Broquard

My review of the final book of the Trident Series by Vic Boquard. It has proven to be a challenge to get this far, trying to pick up where I left off since my loss of my sister. I am slowly getting back into the groove. 


The Trident and Resurrection by Vic Broquard

Five star review. A copy of this book was given to me by Vic Broquard for an honest review.
The author concludes the Trident Trilogy with a strong final adventure for those that can accept teleportation, Magic, wizards, dragons, demons, devils and other creatures on the same plane, Vic offers up an excellent adventure featuring all of the same characters plus more as they battle the evil doers of the different planes of existence on Earth. The main characters of the Trident series are back!
          Jon Brown, the young musician in college that inherits the picture book. A very believable character that the story is told from his POV. You will find this “not very brave young man” does not know how fight with his hands but uses his brain to win battles and save his comrades. Bashful around beautiful females, he finds himself in the presence of two of them, on his travels into these other planes of existence.            
            Mandy Blackburn, the beautiful Ranger of Reylona, with telepathic powers but not like Jon has. An Amazon warrior that is skilled with a bow and arrow and her sword, joining her strong mental powers. She can change her shape and appearance at will becoming a Pegasus when she wants also.
            Alison d’Ambrose, a beautiful young lady with blue eyes and brown hair, also user of magic as a “mage” (spell caster). She captivates Jon’s heart when they team up, the three of them to save everyone.
            Darless, the beautiful half human- half demon (Alu-demon) that willingly joined the original trio that appears as a beautiful woman to everyone but has tiny wings and horns on her head in her true form.       

Along with a host of others.
            The twins, Alison’s older twin brother and sister.
            A Devil that changes her ways.
            Sir Thomas a paladin dressed in medieval armour
            This is just a partial list of all those that join with Jon Brown to right the wrongs of the plane they live in. Read and enjoy the series, I know I did getting caught up in it. Each book of the series is quite long so you will get your money’s worth.  
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