Thursday, January 23, 2014

My review of Life II and other comments.

We have all seen movies or read stories where the main character goes back in the past to make or correct something but Scott has his character  go back inside his past body using help from Aliens to change his mundane life. I found this a very interesting read while I was very sick with the flu, hence the late posting.  What I didn't include in my review was the torment Max, the main character went through when he realized changing his path when he was still a young man meant he would not have his two children to look forward to in his adult life. By changing his path in life, he caused several of his close friends to change their paths away from him. 

Maybe it was because I was sick that I started to think about decisions I made in my life that had huge ramifications but seemed minor at the time. The effect it had on my family along with my friends was significant as time went on. You may understand this going through little changes that had a big impact on your future, good or bad. At the time, you didn't think so. I know I didn't! 

Review of Life II by Scott Spotson – Five stars  

How many people would love to go back in time to a pivotal age and making changes that point their life into a new direction? Forty-two year old, Max Thorning did. Solving a puzzle hidden in an old book, Max thinks he is being given the location to a hidden fortune waiting to be discovered. Instead at the location, he discovers Doctor Time and given the opportunity to go back as himself at age sixteen and change his life out of the mundane direction he had taken with a wife he really didn’t love or being with. Accepting the offer, Max is sent back in time with his forty-two years of knowledge to assume his sixteen year old body.

Little does Max know that changes he makes in his life also causes changes in the lives around him with dire consequences when compared to the life he knew they lived before he made changes.  At times he regrets his actions and wishes to be back in his original body but learns it is a one way trip.

Very interesting read, one that touches on everyone’s wish to relive some of their life’s decisions. I highly recommend it. Available on Amazon and other locations wherever ebooks are sold or paperbacks. Ask for it by name. Sorry I don't have a link for it off hand. 
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