Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Back from Editing!

Only months after Publishing "Brandi's Nightmare" my mystery book. My "Chronicles of the Marauder"  is finally ready to publish. I've decided to go Indie again and publish it on Amazon kindle first. It might be live in a number of hours, when it does, I will post an announcement on Google plus along with tweeting it to all my followers. My tweets automatically go to Facebook and author central.. I wish all my sites could be this easy!  Then in a few days have the print version ready to go to print.
 For those of you that do not know that I have been working on this book for a few months, I posted the cover of the book so when you go to order it, you will know what it looks like. I know all you science fiction fans out there have been holding your breaths just waiting on it to be finished!
Besides the human characters you will meet, Neil Armstrong Andrews the main character. You will meet Janice the tough ex-navy commander that is in command of the ship, even though Neil is technically in charge. Events prevent him from directing the crew until she accepts him in the Captain's role.
You will meet Poopa the Alien Doctor that is one of my favorite characters. Sockan, the female Alien that can read minds of any creature she touches, make herself invisible to humans among other talents. They form a formidable team, taking risks and adventures in deep space far from Earth where the Marauder started from. This hopefully will be a two book maybe three, it depends on what kind of trouble they get into in Book II. Life in outer space can be very treacherous.
Once again, I wish to thank Kate the Half-light for her great cover.
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