Thursday, February 7, 2013

Keeping your head above water

Ever since I chose to dive into the publishing business, I found it difficult to keep my head above water with the pool being so crowded with others trying to do the same thing. I tried to float but found I kept getting my head pushed under the water by a publisher that I thought was Traditional Publisher but it wasn't. Now, I have become an Indie writer it is even more difficult to tread water and stay afloat. With a crowded pool everyone is grabbing onto something to keep themselves afloat. Some try riding on other coattails, some strike out for the deep end hoping no one else was there so they can stand out. That is the most difficult thing, Getting your head above the crowd for the reader to find. Yet, more keep jumping into the pool or bailing out the water. I have twelve books published and as yet no one has really seen my splash. I see others with thirty to forty books published and wonder what it took to get their splash noticed. I will keep treading water in the deep in by going out of my started genre with the just published "T.T. Gristman" Time traveler story and "Brandi's Nightmare" just released last month. It is my mystery book. My first SiFi "A Stranger Comes Crawling" has been out for a few months but the pool sure is crowded with all the SiFi writers. I like writing SiFi because it allows my imagination to come up with all these different creatures and personalities. That is why I am writing "Chronicles of the Marauder" and "Planet of the Midnight Mist" it is my personal favorite genre when I was younger and still is. My western called, Saddle Spurs is sitting on the back burner. I am not yet ready to throw it into the pool. I am pondering or started writing sequels to "A Stranger Comes Crawling" and Brandi's Nightmare but they are just thoughts left over from the first book. I put them in a file to come back to later when I finish "Chronicles of the Marauder". 
Anyway, I have my awesome cover of the "Chronicles of the Marauder" so when I finish writing and  having it edited I can publish it.  I just wanted to share it one more time. 
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to T.T. Gristman 
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