Thursday, February 28, 2013

Just another day?

Yesterday, I was awaiting the word that I had another baby, yes like I said before, writing a book is like having a child. I now have thirteen books out, now I know it is time to slow down and help raise my other children along with growing readers for my books published. I admit Lightning in the Tunnel series was mostly written before I ever had the first one published, so I haven't really written thirteen books in two years. Only really five or should I say four, since Brandi's Nightmare was written even before I wrote the Lightning in the Tunnel series. I don't count re-writes as new books. 
When Chronicles of the Marauder went live on Amazon yesterday, I felt great relief and happiness. Now comes the decision on which book to work on next. Planet of the Midnight Mists or the sequel to Chronicles of the Marauder called book two. My wife seems to think writing science fiction I do best, it just shows she is a SiFi fan! So since she is the one that pushed me to Publish, I guess it will be one of those two leaving my western off the stove, not even on the back burner! I might do the sequel to "A Stranger comes Crawling" if the readers so ask. I do have another book ready to be edited and should get it edited in the next couple of months called "Lightning in the Tunnel-Rescue" it is the re-write of Lightning in the Tunnel in the Beginning, the second half portion that I took off the market. Lightning in the Tunnel Begins" replaces the first half of the original book. It will be published when the editing ends.
I am posting another picture of my baby along with links to Kindle!
 You can download your copy here. for only $2.99 for now!
After it gets a few reviews under its belt the price may go up.
Talk back to me, I'm listening!