Tuesday, February 5, 2013


   A good title for this blog. What I'm speaking of is those followers that un-follow you after you follow them. I went through my twitter account and removed from my following list all those that un-followed me. There was quite a number of them. I follow back anyone that follows me out of courtesy feeling that is right. What I noticed was most of those that un-followed me were people trying to get you to buy their services and when you didn't they dropped you. That is okay with me, I don't un-follow someone just because they didn't buy one of my books. I would have very few to follow if that was the case. LOL! This is a social media where people make contacts with people even the 160 word limit still allows some connection about what you are doing and what is on your mind. I read where the majority of your followers never see your tweet because they are not viewing the twitter at that time. That is a sobering fact understanding how the system works. Re-tweets help you connect to others that are not normally following you, that helps a lot! We all want to connect with other human beings, I have followers in Russia, Germany, Finland, Italy, China, Korea, New Zealand, Australia, Norway, Israel, Turkey, Great Britain, Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Peru. India, Thailand, Barbados, as well as in the USA.  I'm sure I forgot a few countries but what I'm seeing is the desire to connect. Since I don't speak any foreign language, I use the Translator on Twitter, Google and other sites to help me along.
    Connections is what social media is all about that is why I have joined various groups on the Internet, to make connections all over this world. After all, we are all human and need the personal contact that is important for an author or anyone else that might be trying to make themselves known. It is like an actress or actor trying to get discovered by Hollywood. It takes a lot of work and effort to make it happen.
   Now to mention what I'm doing. Chronicles of the Marauder is about three quarters finished and my awesome cover designer, Kate the Half-Light has made me five of them and I selected the second on so watch out I will be blogging on that soon just to introduce it to the world. My wife is pushing me to stop writing it and go back and rewrite the second book in my Lightning in the Tunnel series  called "Lightning in the Tunnel Rescue" it became necessary when I pulled my first book from the market called "Lightning in the Tunnel, In the Beginning" because it contained to much sex and no one really read the story. I took almost all the sex scenes out of the two books that replaced the "In the Beginning" . The first one is called, Lightning in the Tunnel Begins" it is out now on Amazon and paperback. So she says that unless I finish "Lightning in the Tunnel Rescue" there will be a gap between Begins and Zigzagging Home that the reader will not understand in the flow of the saga. I agree with her so I will switch my focus from Chronicles to Rescue! But I couldn't resist giving you a sneak peek at my cover that I have selected for Chronicles.
I like this the best, What do you think? Talk back to me, I'm listening!