Friday, February 1, 2013

Time flies!

It is hard to believe that it was just the other day when we were saying Happy New Year and now we are already in February. It seems like the older you get, the quicker the passing of time. I recall when I was a child that time seemed to pass so slow. Now, as I have gotten older, it seems like the weeks fly by not just the days. Do you feel the same way?  I used to hear "that time flies when you are having fun!" now it seems that time flies when you are just living each day. Are you having fun?
Now back to what I do everyday. I write a little in my next book "Chronicles of the Marauder" when I'm not blogging or reading other people's blogs. Joining in several discussions in Linkened Writer's groups takes up a lot of time but I want to see what others are doing and help out any other Indie Writer that I can using what I have learned being a writer. I try to help each one get their book on the best seller list just as I want my books on the list as well. I know not everyone can write a best seller but everyone can hope that it finds enough readers to make it all worthwhile.
Brandi's Nightmare, my first mystery book is hopefully being reviewed and I look forward to the reader's reactions to my books. Everyone hopes for five stars but I'm realistic, not everyone will find the book enjoyable even though most will enjoy the twists and turns in the story along with the action. I probably made a few minor grammar mistakes according to the English teachers out there but it is my style of writing. The everyday speech of us Americans without the cuss words, because I don't believe my characters need to cuss to get their point across.
I am offering free one of the Lightning in the Tunnel Series on Kindle on Saturday, February 2,2013. Feel free to download it and give it a review. I noticed on Amazon it has not been reviewed yet even though it has been downloaded before. I am speaking of "A Need for Lightning" part of the series! You don't have to read the entire series to enjoy this book but it would give you background on where the characters are coming from or how they got to this point. Still I think it is a good story that you will enjoy!
the link is for your free download!
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