Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Wishful Thinking

Yesterday, I went through setting up my author sites on Amazon in Germany, France and United Kingdom, I found it was a little difficult in Germany and France to get all my books added to my author's site but emails from them this morning showed me how and that my books were listed on the sites there. I just have to return to to my author's page and get them added. Japan is a different story. The don't list English books on their site. They may add them in the future but right now it is only Japanese books. The most difficult thing I found in building an author platform worldwide is realizing that everyone does things a little different than what I am used to and there are not that many that read the English language in some countries, so I don't expect a huge amount of sales. Reaching a handful around the world will make me happy. Thank goodness for the translation key, it helps me to understand them especially the tweets and comments. Touching one person in every country on tweeter makes my day. Does it make yours or do you ignore those overseas because you don't expect them to buy your book?
  My voice card must have went out on my computer so I can't use Skype or Google hangouts or even Utube to chat or record a video. I bought a new microphone thinking that is the problem but all that anyone hears is static. I have not started my blogtalk radio program because of that. I guess I am going to have to drop that from my list of new avenues to build my author platform and get the word out. When mechanical things don't work, that tends to frustrate me easily.  So goes life!
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