Sunday, February 17, 2013

Trying to hard!

Ever try to make a relationship work when you know there is no chance it will? But you just can not give up because your heart won't let you! Try, try and try again until finally after shedding tons of tears and become angry at life, you step away because they really don't want you or they have someone else they really want to spend their life with! I spent eighteen happy years married to Lisa (Alicia) but then she became distant and sought someone else. Her answer was she had dreams when she was younger of doing this and doing that but not what she was doing with me. So after a few million tears I shed, I let her go and for a couple of years I struggled to keep my life together being very successful at work, I concentrated on that thinking I would never find happiness again. Life sometimes finds a way to work things out. I met the most wonderful person by accident being frustrated trying to get my Internet to work. I decided to go have a drink at a local bar. I hadn't drank during my eighteen years of marriage (It ended at twenty) until she left. I guess I started to drink to cope with the pain. Anyway, I met the love of my life that day but didn't know it. Her rocky marriage was falling apart and we just talked. Soon, we were meeting at that bar on a regular basis. We became good friends (she is now my best friend) and we started dating. A year after we met, I asked her to marry me and she did! So my message to everyone is when your world falls apart and the heartaches happen. Take Heart there might just be someone out there that will put your world back together and make you happier than you have ever been! I know my wife will most likely read this knowing how much we love each other and how happy she has made me. I don't know why I felt like writing this, this morning but I did. Maybe, I wrote this because I was wondering how many people are out there in a losing relationship that should just let go and find happiness!
Maybe I wrote this because my best friend and wife pushed me to actually publish my books that I wrote over the years but never bothered to publish. I knew I enjoyed writing but it was more of a stress reliever than to actually get published. Now, I can't stop writing and publishing after discovering others out there enjoyed my books so much and are looking forward to the next one. I will write and publish the last of the Lightning in the Tunnel series later this year. I have been side tracked writing other books and having written the final chapters yet of Lightning Rages.
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