Saturday, February 16, 2013

Won't leave you hanging!

After the response I received when I asked the question on whether or not to leave the reader hanging, I have decided to add another chapter or so to the book so they are not left hanging in "Chronicles of the Marauder" because I agree. No one wants to wait until the next book to see what happens even in a series when it effects the plot. Thanks to those that responded especially Susan, she made a lot of sense. I thought about it thinking that if I left them hanging they would want to get the next book in the series to find out what happened but then like the response said, they would be disappointed in the book and may not want to buy the next one because they would be afraid it would also leave them hanging. Enough said!
How is your day going, mine got off to a slow start after practicing guitar lessons again last night. I am taking these lessons so I will be able to play while my wife sings, she has a great voice and my goal is to get her recorded once we become good enough writing our own songs. I think we are about a year away from being able to say we are fair players. Me, I'm further away than she is! The fingers don't work on the guitar strings as well as they do on the keyboard of this computer. Ha! Ha!
Writing good books takes time and I see the difference between my earlier books and those I write now, every author has to evolve and my evolution has come slowly with each new book I write. My first books had a lot of sex scenes in them because when I wrote them, the belief was Sex Sales but I was wrong in that aspect because everyone talked about the sex in them not about the story. I rewrote the first book I wrote and because of the improvements in it, I had to make it two books, the first revised "Lightning in the Tunnel Begins" has been concluded even though I went back and revised it twice more even after it was published. The second part of the first book is called "Lightning in the Tunnel-Rescue" is about finished revising but still has to be edited then I will publish it. This fills the gap between "Begins" and Zigzagging Home my book by a different publisher that after my contract ends, I might re-write as well, who knows? That is five years from now!
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