Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Things that upset me!

I learned long ago not to let things people do bother me, after all they are human with their own beliefs and see things with their clouded vision created by their understanding of the world. Mechanical things are what can upset me the easiest. That was why I gave up working on cars, all my brothers are mechanics or mechanically inclined but me! I know how to do some work like that but if it doesn't go right, I'm libel to take a sledgehammer to it and make matters worse. I don't know why I never had the patience to mechanical things.
Yesterday, I got upset because for some reason I couldn't get the angles right on cutting molding I was putting up in the hallway after paneling it. I have a mitre saw I borrowed from a friend of mine, that should have made it easy but I kept cutting them wrong and finally had to ask a friend of mine to come by and show me what I was doing wrong. It seemed so simple when she showed me so today after I get through writing this blog, I will try once again. I might have to go buy more molding but I want it right.
I guess thirty some years in upper management was what made me patient with people and never let them upset me. Part of the time, I was Training Manager at one company. I was told I had the patience of a saint, never getting upset with a person that failed to grasp what I was teaching them because I never got upset, just found a way to teach them that they would understand even those that didn't speak much English. Just let one thing mechanical go wrong and my patience flies out the window. I had to stop cutting molding until my friend came by, instead I sanded down an old dresser that my wife wants to refinish. I'm trying to do more things so I am not house bound just sitting in front of the computer writing my books. For the past two days, I haven't written a single line on my book two of the Chronicles of the Marauder. With spring here and warmer days, I'm trying to do things that keeps my body from turning to jelly from inactivity. It is easy to set in front of the computer and write but not good for the body.
A few days ago, I mowed the lawn with our push lawnmower and the intake manifold busted. A friend of mine helped me replace it so I wouldn't get mad at it and lose my temper with the stupid mechanical thing. It worked fine that day but when I went to use it again, the gas tank busted off. I think it has a warped shaft causing so much vibrations that the bolts work lose and when it tighten them up, other things break on it. Being something mechanical, I am not going to try to replace anything else on it, I will just scrap it and buy another one! It has pushed me to the end of my patience. LOL    Talk back to me, I'm Listening! Tell me the things that try your patience!