Sunday, February 2, 2014

Social Media flooding?

Do you often hit delete the instant you receive a posting by someone that posts constantly? Without even bothering to see what it is about. Some of us make that mistake by flooding our followers with a constant barrage of posts whether they be tweets or on other sites. By doing so, we risk alienating them from even bothering to read what we wrote or even worse having them to un-follow so they will stop receiving the posts altogether. What do you do to find a happy medium where you get others to read what you write, blog or post other places?

After being in a contest where you had to tweet everyone in it everyday and there were 165 entries at the start. I am sure that I turned off a lot of readers but for every one I lost a gained two so I guess that was not bad. What do you think? During all this time I suffered a personal loss and came down with the flu so I could not even concentrate to read or blog much. All I seemed to have time for was tweeting. Now, I am back to normal and the contest is over so my followers can breath easier and not feel deluged by my tweets. Now I hope they started reading what I actually am tweeting. Do you have a better idea? If so, I would like to hear about it. Talk back, I'm listening!