Friday, March 1, 2013

Hooray or Boo?

The announcement of my newly Published Chronicles of the Marauder, Book one was greeted with skepticism by the non science fiction fans but with great fanfare by those SiFi fans when it was published. I just hope there are more Sifi fans out there than not. Anyway, time to introduce some of the other Aliens in my book.
Solay the Wispee, that looks like a giant bee without the wings and antennae. He is an engineer in the past and joins the Marauder when the choice is the airlock or becoming a member of the crew after being shanghaied, when Neil took the ship while still connected to the space station and fled.
Elan, the Soorita that thinks humans are ugly, even though he looks human except for his over hanging upper lip and no hair anywhere on his head or body. He is also a cannibal by choice; forced to become a crew member on the bridge.
I've already mentioned the Zeelar Doctor, Poopa who is nine feet tall, looking like to Neil a walking stick insect from Earth. Only with a huge Praying Mantis looking head that can stretch her neck up to twenty feet away, along with fourteen appendages.
Kona, the horse looking creature that walks on four paws not hooves, with another set of appendages that he uses like hands. Having no tail and no mane they originally called his species Hosspaws until they learned otherwise. Being both a doctor and Scientist, he along with Poopa became invaluable members of the crew.
Sochan, the pale zombie looking creature that can read minds with just a touch or make herself invisible when she wills it. She becomes a member of the bridge officers when she learns what love is and to care for others.  You can read and enjoy the story at these links: or for the paperback and in a few days the paperback will be on Amazon as well worldwide. I will let you know! Talk back to me, I'm listening! for my other books go to