Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Things don't go as planned!

When our tom cat "Claw brought home a feral female cat so it could have her babies born in our barn, he had no idea of the problems it would cause. Things were fine for him at the start until she started chasing him out of the barn. When it came feeding time, he was glad to share. I thought like he must have thought that having his own female would reduce his prowling around for other females. Not so! He kept up his habits and as the children grew, she had three kittens but as they grew, she chased one of them off, we assumed it was the male of the litter and were shocked to discover one of the that we called CeeCee was a male when he turned around on the porch. Instead of being something special, our tom cat found he was on the outs with the cats in the barn. I don't know where he sleeps now in the cold weather after giving up his home. I do know when I go to feed them, it is a scramble to get the wet food and I have to keep the other cats away because he is used to eating his food nice and slow. They gulp down theirs and want his making me stand guard until he eats. Tonight, he didn't want to go to the barn to eat because it is such a hassle for him but I don't want to feed him on the front porch. The other night, I dropped a little food for him by the back door so he could eat in peace whereas the others rushed to the barn to get what they call good food, the wet stuff. Being so many, I give them dry food as well then the wet stuff but they ignore the dry food until they have ate all the wet stuff I brought, then they eat the dry stuff. The female feral cat, we named Cleo, she is always trying to drive the others away and keep all the wet stuff for herself. She even tries to drive away Claw so he can't eat. I know he didn't plan on this happening. He lost his home and has to share his food!
Just like my books, I'm sure he didn't think things would turn out this way but it did.
Have a nice day and talk back to me, I'm Listening!