Wednesday, May 8, 2013

And Etc.

Well, the relatives have come and gone. It was nice visiting with them even though it somewhat disrupted our lives and prevented me from writing anything on my blogs. I had plans to do some traveling this summer but looks like they will change do to the same old reason, not enough money to do what I planned. LOL  How many of you have to scale back or cancel your summer plans for that?
Anyway back to my original conversation, when relatives drop by it is like a whirlwind for a few days then they are gone. Hopefully not to return for a few years, yes, you love them dearly but you are glad when they leave.
One of relatives has such a filthy mouth that I can not stand to hear what she has to say. I never understood the reason for such a filthy mouth. It seems like she acquired it after she became of age. Maybe, she thinks a filthy mouth is a sign of being an adult. Once in a while to cuss is understandable trying to make a point or when you smash your finger or do something stupid like that, then it is acceptable to use certain words but to have every other word a cuss word. I see no need for that. I'm not a prude neither is my wife but it is hard to tolerate this kind of talk. In my books, I avoid cuss words except once in a while when something happens to them that a cuss word is required to get the point across. Anyway, enough said about cussing to the extreme.
How has your week been going? I now can get back to writing my second book in the Chronicles of the Marauder. It is going well, I'm about two thirds done with the first write adding a couple of different points of view to spice it up some more. If you are a writer, how is your next book coming along or have you even started it?
Talk back to me, I'm Listening!  Have a nice day!
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