Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Save the wild Mustangs

It has come to my attention that the goverment and local authorties are tryin to decide if they should kill the wild mustangs down to a "Managable" size of 850 from 1,450 in Wyoming! Excuse me but these horses are the very last of their kind and need to be protected! A ranch called the BLM is the one doing the most crabbing cause these horses are starving and thirsty due to a 2 year drought.My answer to this is feed them, water them and when the drought is over they will go back into the wild AND LEAVE THE STUPID BLM ALONE!!!! Why on this earth would you slaughter these beautiful creatures, WOULD YOU SLAUGHTER YOUR CHILDREN CAUSE YOU HAD TOO MANY? I am sorry to put it so bluntly but you leave me no choice. I became so upst when I heard this that I had to voice my opinion, If I had the money and the means I would go and rescue everyone of those mustangs and bring them to Arkansas where they could live without prosecution of the government and the BLM! E mail or Twitter the President and Congress if you agree! hank you for your time Sammi Jo Moye  Talkback, im listening!