Friday, May 3, 2013

problem with relatives

The problem with relatives that you see only every few years is they think you are made of money just because you have a few books written. They think all authors are rich and the more books they have out, the richer they are! LOL! All of you writers out there know that it is difficult at best to make money from your books. Unless you have several best sellers, you won't. They drop in expecting to stay for a few days at your expense or call you on the phone with a sob story wanting money or free books expecting you to do it. When you say no they get all bent out of shape. We have a one bedroom house which is just perfect for my wife and I. We can accompany over night guest, we hate being rude, but no long term staying living on retirement. We have found most don't call or come by unless they want something. Usually they leave quickly all bent out of shape because they didn't get what they came for. Sometimes we make it a point not to be at home when one of these "I wants" calls and tells us they are coming. I love my family and wished I could do more for them but like I said "I'm living on a fixed income" There just is not extra money to spare, We have to budget ourselves to make each month's income reach the next pay day. When I first retired and my wife became disabled, we had several months where it didn't reach the next check. That is bad both of us needing medications that don't always need refilling on the day my check comes. Money doesn't grow on trees unlike some think. Our children are all grown up with children of their own, now the grandchildren think we are made of money. We love them all and try to help when we can but that is impossible to help everyone of them.
My sister, Barbara is one of the few that have never asked me for a thing but she is in ill health and has bought an RV to travel around the country. She wants to see things while she can before she leaves this world. She finally asked me for something that I can do, she wants me and my wife to travel with her so she won't be alone being in poor health. That is something I can do, be  driver and help take care of her. I wish the others would take her lead and never ask me for money but a little of my time! Talk back to me, I'm Listening!  Do you have some of these same problems with relatives or friends?