Friday, May 10, 2013

my villains!

Villains are necessary in telling a good adventure story, sometimes they are loved more than the main characters of the story because a lot of people identify with them in their mind. They may hate them and love them at the same time. Such is the case in the Chronicles of the Marauder, Sockan, the Aszakalan the emotionless, heartless, evil woman with pale white skin, white hair, cold to the touch skin and purple lips that can pass through certain materials by changing her shape, read minds at a touch and make herself invisible to the human eye. Yet, while held captive after the death of her son and life companion, she reads ebooks to pass the time and learns there is such a thing as emotions and wished to explore them finding them totally alien to her. Exploring these emotions she read about in the books she read, she finds love and slowly becomes somewhat human. Her desire to experience love leads her to make herself invisible slipping into the Captain's quarters finding Neil dreaming about his dead ex-lover whereas she takes the dead lovers physical place. Neil thought the coldness was his ex-lover being dead. He tells her over and over that he loves her in his dream while they were enjoying each other. Sockan never knew the truth and she falls in love with him. In book two she becomes an officer of the Marauder. There are plenty of other villains in the story as they roam the galaxy seeking out new life forms, some friendly and some not!
In Brandi's Nightmare, the villains keep changing sides with some on her side and others trying to kill her to obtain her key. In the end, she finds who the true villains were.
In A Stranger Comes Crawling The villains are the government during the first part of the story and later Tee`ra and the other Minds become the villains when Ripley goes off Earth. Then the shocking revelation occurs on how and why the Minds come into being also why not all Zotorna were not Minds.
My Dystopia series called Lightning in the Tunnel is filled with villains, some are the main characters that everyone comes to love.
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