Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Finding an old friend!

It did my heart good when I was contacted by a wife of an old friend that I lost contact with when I moved from California to North Carolina over thirteen years ago. I guess she was browsing the Internet and happened to see a picture of me. We had been very close for so many years and then events made us go our separate ways. I lost his phone number and then my computer at that time crashed so I even lost his email account. I searched the web and still didn't find him. So many by the same name that I knew him by on the net. I tried email along with other social media sites trying to find him, then out of the blue she contacted me. I guess she got my email address from my blog site.Now that we have found each other. There is a lot of catching up to do, She and he was shocked to find me in Arkansas but like I explained to them, I came here to retire. He never knew I wrote SiFi and I never knew he was a SiFi fan. We both had been members of a Spade League back in California for many years. The league was called the National Spade League with a lot of members. I included that on my first book that has now been pulled from the market because of it having too much explicit sex in it.I wasn't out to write an erotica book. Anyway, our emails right now look like books instead of emails with so much being said. Yet, when I send one, I think of something else I didn't say and have the urge to send another but he is not computer savvy so it is hard for him to reply back. His wife is the one that uses the computer most of the time. He just plays games on his terminal. Nothing can bring a smile to your face than hearing from an old friend. I'm sure there is many out there that sit and wonder what happened to such and such as time goes on. Most of you are unlike me, moving around the country a lot and events cause you to lose contact. You might not think that it is unimportant at the time but the day will come when you wish you had maintained contact. Now, I just wished that a few others that I was close to back in California would accidentally run across me. Even though you make new friends and new close friends, part of you is missing those old friends the older you get. Talk back to me, I'm listening!