Monday, May 27, 2013

A little under the weather?

I had a problem that kept me from posting last week on this site. I'm okay now or getting there. My wife took over and posted about the wild horses, she is a horse fanatic and I didn't mind her using my site to vent on. That was the reason she signed it as Sammi Jo so everyone would know it really didn't come from me. What is a husband to do anyway, let her vent!
It is not easy to come up with a new subject three or four times a week anyway. Today I want to speak with you about commenting on blogs or other threads. I know more read them than they ever comment on. I was reading like normal the comments on Goodreads and noticed the same people by genre love commenting on the there. I switched to LinkedIn and found that even though I follow a lot of different threads and comment very infrequently, most of the comments are the same. You have those that are trying to sell something to you   by telling you what is wrong with the other guy's product while trying to be casual about mentioning their product. Reading it, sounds a lot like politics where everyone is bashing the other guys then claiming they weren't. Don't worry, you use their system and you will succeed in whatever your endeavor is. If these people had the answer, they wouldn't on the internet, they would be too rich to bother with it!
Maybe because I am not feeling one hundred percent, all this stuff struck me wrong, today. I even made a few comments on different threads today, that is unlike me but still being on probation, I doubt if they will ever post the comments. Even though I did no self promoting. That is one of the dangers you have when the moderator has to approve everything you post. Enough said, Talk back to me, I'm Listening!
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