Monday, May 20, 2013

Still Struggling!

The one thing I'm not struggling with right now is I just completed writing Chronicles of the Marauder book Two Now comes the proofing and editing part. That takes just as long as writing the story in my estimation. All you writers out there know that, then I will see how I'm going to publish it and get a cover made for it. At least now I should be able to sleep better. When I am writing a book, some times I can't fall asleep at night writing the next scene in my head or I wake up early to write the scene down on the computer. That is why I decided not to work on Book Three for awhiile. Just let it rest and me.
Last Friday and Saturday, I put the first Chronicles of the Marauder Book One, on free kindle downloads. I am still struggling on whether that was such a good idea even though it got hundreds of downloads but does that mean I will get more sales in the future? I'm not sure! I at least hope a few of those that downloaded it give a review of the book on Amazon or Goodreads maybe interesting others in the series. Is it worth givign away so many free books? That is the question I keep asking my self. I guess it is what unknown authors have to do to get noticed. Sales of the book started off okay but slowed to a trickle that was why I even gave it  a shot. Just maybe, they will tell their friends and they might buy a copy. What is a writer to do?
My other struggle is this computer, I had to basically dump everything and reset to factory settings. It has been a struggle to get everything back to where it was. Right now, it keeps telling me that it has a problem saving/publishing this blog, so it might never get out! So goes life! Talk back to me, I'm listening if this fool computer works right!