Thursday, March 14, 2013

Daily routine!

The daily routine, each of us have it where we do things in a certain order each day. I used to have my Monday through Friday routine that was so predictable that my wife could tell the time by it. My weekends provided a break from the M-F grind but since my retirement, I have the same routine seven days a week and look forward to something new that changes it.
Each morning, I get coffee brewing then turn on my computer. I am busy looking at my emails that showed up over night. Most from other countries. Each twitter email I get about them following me, I follow back almost 100 percent. I don't follow back hate accounts or where they are cussing a lot on their profile. Most want to sell me something but mainly it is information about their books. I find most of them very interesting.
By the time I am getting my first cup of coffee, I have gone through one fourth of my emails then sit sipping my coffee and looking at the posts of all the groups I have joined to see what is going on with them. I enjoy the quotes of the day and jokes that a lot put on them. I then respond after my first cup has totally engaged my brain to comments or questions people may have about my writing (books) and so forth. My last response is to check out the various invites I receive to join this group or that group. After most of the email is complete I write this blog, not everyday but at least one blog, I have several about my different books. I try to have a new one for each genre I write under so the readers don't get confused on which book is about what. The only books I keep on the same blog just blog about different ones of the series is my Lightning in the Tunnel series. I started out blogging A Stranger Comes Crawling and "T.T. Gristman" on the same blogs but have added a new one for "Brandi's Nightmare" and another for "Chronicles of the Marauder". For those readers that want to see all my books along with my bio. They are all at that sight for your enjoyment and selection.
Humans find solace in doing things in a pattern but we all enjoy a break from the mundane daily grind. After everything is said and done on the blogs, emails and etc, I usually stop to have breakfast or should I say brunch and then start writing on another book or rewriting one of the books I'm not that happy with now.
Talk back to me, I'm listening