Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Nothing to write home about!

This morning my mind is on the subject of writing, not necessarily on one of my stories but writing in general. After a couple of bad experiences with a vanity press followed by what I thought was a traditional publisher, I chose to go Indie. I love the control doing that it gives but I wonder if I would be more successful seeking a real traditional publisher and a agent but there is such an abundance of writers out there. It is hard to rise above and get noticed but I read a lot of blogs and articles that tell me people are doing it everyday.The nice thing with Indie is you can start out as a tiny ripple and watch it slowly grow, I do mean slowly instead of a big splash that dies out quickly in the pond. The ripple is like a ripple in the river that keeps going and going. I have seen a lot of successful writers have moved to Indie because They have more control of their books and reap in a greater share of the proceeds once it becomes popular. Almost every genre has a few of these big names jumping into the water creating a big splash. The nice thing is it is making Indie authors and their books more acceptable. That is what we want!Over the weekend and yesterday, I was busy writing my second book in the Chronicles of the Marauder book two of the Marauder Chronicles. Poopa, the nine foot alien in the first book is still there and part of the crew but I have moved Sockan up to stardom. You recall Sockan, the ghost white female alien with purple lips and body temperature twenty degrees lower than a human. She can read minds with a touch and make herself invisible to humans upon demand but she has become humanized after learning what love and other emotions are. She develops compassion and respects humans minds as private sanctuaries. She believes in her heart that she is human and acts like it. No longer an Aszakalan. Learning to be an officer and becoming one aboard the Marauder she proves she is a key asset to Neil's crew. Neil marries in this book but it is a Stormy marriage at best.
 I now have written sixty some pages of the book and hopefully will have it finished some time in August or September. In the meantime check out my author site at Amazon for some good reading including the Chronicles of the Marauder book one.http://www.amazon.com/author/agmoye  for those overseas readers I have author sites there as well in UK, Fr, and germany (de).

Talk back to me, I'm listening! Have a great day and week!