Tuesday, March 12, 2013

When we make mistakes!

Mistakes, that is one rule in life that has never been broken, we all make them! The average person that makes a mistake usually goes unnoticed unless it is a hideous crime they do. But celebrities, politicians, other well known people and author's mistakes are prominent in the public eye. Most are overlooked except by politicians, anything they say or do will be held against them.
Sometimes we have days when what we say, is not what we meant. The words just come out wrong! That happens to me sometimes when writing. I will be typing away on the keyboard getting down a scene or action part trying to write it like I see it in my head. Then when I'm finished and go back later, I have to ask myself What did I mean or what was I saying? It didn't make a lick of sense to me! Then I have to try to recall what I was thinking at the time to make sense of it and change it to make sense, not the way I wrote it! The longer I wait to go back, the harder it is to recall or understand what I was trying to say.
Once I have finished the book, my wife and I will sit down at the computer and she will read it catching other parts where I wasn't clear or it was confusing to her. Looking over her shoulder while she is reading it, I spot other places that are wrong or unclear. It is nice to be able to read the book like a reader would and understand where things have gone wrong in a plot or conversation. Where I go off track and made something excessively wordy or wrong, having something occur at the wrong spot or something. I still hear comments that I am not following all the rules of proper grammar and my answer is simple. That is my writing style and I write my books for an eighth grade reading level. When I first was writing on the computer, I had a program called WriteRight and it recommended and kept my writing at this grade level. I have kept this level even though the program is not on this computer or the one I had before, I liked that standard. So, if you read my books, don't expect a lot of fancy words or long words along with proper grammar all the time. I stick to the basic rules of grammar but not if it interferes with my writing style!
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