Friday, March 8, 2013

Just saying!

It is difficult to carry on a conversation on twitter when you don't have room to say what you want to say, unless you do two or three tweets that are connected. Like I said before, this blog site is all about being connected and chatting with the new friends you meet on social media. I have a Facebook account, Twitter, Linkened, along with my blog sites but I still don't fell like I'm connecting to people. What am I doing wrong? It is not easy building connections because most people want to sell you something or think right away you are selling them something. I have learned the hard way, that doesn't work! For a fee, a lot of sites will promote you and your products but being on a limited income, I can't afford to spend a lot of money on these sites. I write because I enjoy it, not to become wealthy or anything just hoping to make a little extra so I can afford to travel since I retired. If no one reads or likes my books, so be it! Everyone has their own tastes just as I don't like all the living dead movies and books. A friend of mine is into reading a lot of werewolf and vampire books but they are just not my style. Now, I can take Aliens with a lot of weird abilities that are not human but not Vampires or living dead. Of course I also don't like spider movies, spiderman is okay with me for some reason. I know Hollywood is into the Living dead and making comic book heroes come alive, that is okay with me but I'm getting tired of all the remakes of old movies, even though they do put a twist on it and change it slightly. I like the way they re-did "Battlestat Galactica" but then it got boring after several seasons. Why can't Hollywood come up with some new movies instead of recycling, you wonder? The answer is simple, they already own the rights to these movies and don't have to spend any money to redo them! Another reason is it has been years since the original came out and it was a hit back then with newer generations growing up, they think it is an original and sometimes becomes a hit all over again. You see it all the time in music, they changed the tune and do it a little different for today's crowds and everyone thinks it is something new!
 I love history and the history channel, right now when time permits I am reading "History of World War Two", I read a lot before but now I seem to not have much time. I love science fiction, that is what I read mostly when not reading history stories.
Enough chat for now, Talk back to me, I'm listening! at or at my email or just leave a comment or your link and I will chat with you!