Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Creatures of habit!

As I mentioned before, we humans tend to be creatures of habit. My wife and I have been staying up late and sleeping late ever since my retirement. The daylight is usually half gone before we even get the day started. We are planning to go visit our grandchildren in Nevada in June. We know children, they get up early so we are retraining our bodies to get up earlier each day.
I recall the first time we had the grandchildren over before we moved away, We had Lena and Andrew spend the night. Like normal we were up late except they went to sleep at their normal time around 8 to 9 pm. We were sound asleep when little Andrew came up to the edge of the bed and announced, "It is six o'clock time to get up!" I don't think he could tell time but his parents would always wake him up at six to take him to the babysitter so they could go to work. It was really five o'clock so I don't think he could tell time yet! But six o'clock meant it was time to get up and make breakfast. So we did. by the time the first weekend was over and they went back home, we had learned not to stay up so late. Now, we will see how the re-training goes? Wish us luck, we are still struggling and a long way from getting up at six o'clock. LOL
I knew back when I used to work various shifts, it always took a while for my body to adjust. When I first started working, since I hated to get up in the morning, I would try to get on swing shift so I could sleep in. Graveyard shift or night shift was the best for me for years. I used to tell everyone that it was an easy shift, just had to reverse my body clock to stay awake when they are sleeping and sleep when they are awake. It was actually easy for me. When everyone else was headed to bed, I was heading to work. When I was first working day shift, I had to put the alarm across the room to wake up on time in the morning. I would force myself to walk across the room and shut the alarm off then head straight to the shower or I would crawl back in bed and sleep making myself late for work.
I'm sure everyone has been down these paths before except those that have had nothing but day jobs in their lives.
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