Friday, March 22, 2013

Awe, That first cup of coffee!

That first cup of coffee or for others that first cup of tea that drives the cobwebs of sleep from your mind. Being American born I drink coffee to get my morning started. I'm not sure when I started drinking coffee as one of my normal waking up process in the morning. I think it was some time during my teenage years but not sure. Boy, that was a long time ago. I started drinking it black with nothing in it but I drink so much that I now drink it with a little cream to keep from upsetting my stomach. How do you take your coffee or tea?
All across the World those that drink coffee, I understand have it in different strengths. Some I couldn't drink being so strong, I sort of like mine on the weak side since I drink one to two pots a day.
Once the first cup kicks in, I can start writing on whatever book comes to my mind that morning or the one that that a scene came to my mind last night night just before I fell asleep. To me, I sit and write the scenes in my head long before my fingers hit the keyboard. This morning, my mind is on writing more of the Chronicles of the Marauder Book II since I have about fifty pages of it written on my computer. I just had the Marauder go through a space battle after Neil got married. His new wife is pregnant and is very upset at him for placing the Marauder in that situation that endangered the life of her unborn child. Their ten year mission continues exploring the worlds that exist out there and meeting new Aliens, some friendly and some not so friendly. Yet, all are so different than the normal human being.
Sockan, the pale white female that reads minds and can make herself invisible declares that Neil is her companion for life much to the annoyance of Neil's wife. That is the Aszakalan way of saying they are married even though her species only come together to create life but then actually lead separate lives together until their companion dies. They are companions for life. Neil learns her species lives for several hundred years to almost a thousand Earth years before they die. He also learns that when they die, their bodies dies by spontaneously combustion leaving nothing to be buried. Neil has learned to accept the differences in the Aliens aboard the Marauder when in his mind they become human.
If you haven't read the start of it all, Chronicles of the Marauder check it out. It is in ebook on kindle and right now it is on exclusively on there until May then it will be available elsewhere. For those that shop elsewhere for the printed book the ISBN 13 number is 978-1482662023 or ISBN 1482662027 or at these Amazon links for the ebook. for paperback or or another or for just a few of the links on where to buy the book. Talk back to me, I'm listening! Have a great day!