Monday, March 18, 2013

Another Monday!

Starting another work week, we all either look forward or dread it, which ever is your view on life. I look back over some of the events that occurred last week and I am reminded how things happen. A friend of ours house burnt down to the ground. That is one of the few problems that occur when living in a small town with only a volunteer fire department. It was totally engulfed by the time they arrived. Luckily, no one was home so no one was hurt. The nice thing about a small town was all the friends and neighbors started collecting items to replace those lost in the fire, especially things for the young babies. My hats off to all those that went out of their way to make this happen.
As I start the new week, I gave some thought to my book "Brandi's Nightmare" that recently was given a four star review and decided that since it is my first and maybe only book in the mystery genre, that I would lower the price to ninety-nine cents and see what others think of it. I think it is a great mystery but that is me talking. Like all writers, they think their work is great until reality sets in! LOL
I'm feeling good about my "Chronicles of the Marauder" book sales have been steady without anyone reviewing it yet. I'm going to send a copy of the book to R2R on Goodreads to get their take on the book. I will enclose a link for those that wish to read this book on Kindle or in paperback. for the ebook on Kindle and or for paperbacks.
I have blog spot for the book at for those that wish to read about my characters before they buy the book. Have a nice day! Talk back, I'm listening!