Sunday, March 3, 2013

Sunday Blahs!

It is Sunday and I have spent most of the weekend writing the sequel to "Chronicles of the Marauder" called Book II. I have written three Chapters already (Unedited) but I need to get up from this computer and start moving around before I develop more health issues than I already have, so I have decided to cut down my time sitting here and do something. I just wish it was warmer outside so I could do more out there. I still have my hallway reflooring project to finish. Emptying out the hayloft to convert it into a spare bedroom for guests. But all I seem to want to do is sit here and write. I'm  caught up with my characters in Chronicles of the Marauder" Neil the human Captain and Sockan, the pale white ghost like Alien that learns what love is and falls in love with Neil! Poopa, the Zeelar that saved his life after almost being killed has a great sense of humor and the rest of the crew love her. Even if she can stretch her neck out ten to twelve feet from her body and stands nine foot tall.
The Marauder humans teach the defenseless Yokas how to fight and repel the Whoa`nas from their home world where they were rounding them up for food taking them back to their home worlds to eat. Book II is getting so intense that I just can't stop writing the story! For those that haven't heard of the Chronicles of the Marauder, I will post a link and picture to update them. For the kindle ebook connect to and for those that prefer paperback. I don't believe it is on Amazon yet in paperback but I will check it so the first link I know is there! if the amazon link is up and running it will be and world wide at