Friday, March 29, 2013


It is strange how connections are made in bunches. I will go along making a few sporadic connections, then all of a sudden I will get a bunch of new connections. I don't know what triggers them to suddenly decided to connect but I'm happy when it does. On Twitter it seems to come with several from the same country or region. One day I will get a group from Canada, the next day or so a group from Korea. Then a group from Arabic speaking countries followed by a group from Russia. A lull hits then I get several from India and Japan. Sprinkled in are those from USA, Australia and United Kingdom. I'm not complaining just observing a fact. I guess it is my tendency to observe things and try to understand why. This is a holdover from my days in management where I observed employees doing things and wish to understand why do they do it this way? Could they do it better, faster or was the steps they are doing unnecessary? My observation on this trend on Twitter is one in the group decides to follow me for whatever reason and others seeing them following me do the same. Thank goodness for the translator on my computer, it enables me to understand what they are saying with a click of a button. So I know they have the same feature to understand me! Yesterday, I received several from Greece followers and I am happy to connect with all of them.
 On Linkined, since I'm a writer other writers tend to want to connect with me as I try to connect with them. Recently, I joined one management group that I can use my experience to coach other leaders and future leaders in doing a better job. It is sort of like a grandfather passing his knowledge and experiences on to the generation that is just starting to or trying to make their mark on the world. It makes a person feel good inside to know that what they have learned in life's experiences will not just die away when the person is gone. Of course some don't wish to hear it and like all people think their way is the only way. I know what works for one will not work for another because of how they perceive the world darkens their ability to see something different. So goes life.
With Amazon buying Goodreads, I wonder how that will effect my connections on Goodreads? I am on Shelfari (Amazon's) will that go away or be merged together? Life is about change and change is about life!  Should you feel the need to read visit my author center at
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