Sunday, February 9, 2014

Angels and Aliens-my review

This was one of the most difficult books I have to review to date because the author mixing well so much true science, the bible and other facts to make it totally real and happening. I had to go to Amazon to get an image of the books so what you see is the cover posted on Amazon. The author great acknowledges the contribution of others to this book. I would give it five stars but in my opinion there was too many flashbacks that interrupted the flow of the story in my mind. So I will give it four stars since I can't give it four and half stars. Now on to the book: 

The main character is a female Cathy and her part in this great adventure to save Earth from a collusion with a star coming through a black hole on collusion course with the planet. Using what is called psychokinetic abilities, for those that have no clue what I am saying, It is simply "Out of the body abilities"

Using factual pictures from various sources, the author puts together a very good story. Quotes from various sources including Einstein and others she bring this story to life. During her psychokinetic wanderings with others, especially Matt, she encounters alien lifeforms along with her efforts to save the world.

Interweaving today's political climate adds even more intrigue to the story with spies, terrorist and various intelligence agencies. Mind control by others look to sabotage her and others attempts at saving the world. 

All in all, this is a very interesting read that will take you to heavens and beyond. I recommend this for those readers that like fact heavily mixed with adventure!

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