Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Review by A.J.Raven on Chronicles of the Marauder

Guest Post: A.J. Raven

‘Chronicles of the Marauder’ by A.G. Moye was a different kind of a story for me. Maybe because I don’t normally read sci-fi, and surely not the ones that involve space and other worlds. However, the first book in the series was surprisingly enjoyable.

The main character is a man named Neil. The interesting thing about him is that he isn’t a ‘all good’ kind of character that some heroes tend to be. He has a past and that hinders people from completely trusting him. There were a lot of characters in the story but the author did a good job giving them their own personalities. I would be lying if I said I remember all the names that showed up.

Another good thing about the book is the way everything has been described. The author takes time describing the spaceship the characters are in as well as other things that have been developed in order to make up for the lack for resources. The rest of the things also pop up into clear view as you continue to read. We get to know about the different alien races that Neil and his crew encounter. It can’t be a story without some sort of character development and that’s exactly what Neil experiences as he helps one of the alien races to stand up and fight.

‘Chronicles of the Marauder’ Book 1 by A.G. Moye gets five out of five stars from me. It creates a rich outer space world for the readers and sets things up for the rest of the books in the series. Fans of sci-fi won’t be disappointed with this one. Give it a read and we’ll talk about it.

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