Thursday, February 13, 2014

I'm Confused!

Life with all its twists and turns can make you happy and feel like things are finally going your way or the exact opposite can occur making you feel like things will never go right. Having a loving, understanding wife that is your best friend makes makes each day feel like Valentine's Day. So each of you give that special one a kiss every morning and show them you love them not just on Valentine's Day. I titled this "I'm Confused" because everyday you should act like this is Valentine's Day with the one that means the most in your life. Not saying others are not important but you should take the time each day for that special one. 

On another note, I was suppose to do a review of Ian Miller's "Troubles" today but I haven't had time to finish reading the book yet. There has been so much going on but I will promise to get it finished in a few days. It does my heart good when I see one of my reviews helps someone to decide to purchase a book based on my review. Amazon notifies me when someone does so on the books I reviewed.  Hidden Magic was the latest book I received notification that someone read my review then purchased the book. I like helping out other Indie authors. I believe helping others also helps me in the long run. Since all Indie authors are in this for the long haul. 

Even though I didn't win the MARSocial, Author of the Year contest. I feel the exposure and participation being one of the finalist was good for me even though it took a lot of my time. I made a lot of new friends and contacts. Even though it is over, we still stay in touch and join each other on our various sites on Marsocial like my Lightning Chronicles site at  just drop by and say "Hello". You will meet a lot of interesting people there.

If you are running low on reading material on that new ereader you got for Christmas, just drop by my author page and find something good to read at or those without a kindle, you can drop by my smashwords author page to get different formats. Like always, all my books are available in paperback at reasonable prices except those published by a traditional publisher,they are priced very high and I am thinking about dropping them from my site so people don't get discouraged by the high prices. You can tell the ebooks published by them, they are priced above $8.00 whereas my other books that are self published are all below $5.00.
Talk back, I'm listening!