Monday, February 17, 2014

Troubles by Ian Miller

my review of Ian Miller's Troubles. I know I have been promising it for awhile and have finally finished reading it, so here goes. I gave it 4 out 5 stars only because a little proofreading would get it five stars. I became hooked on the book and feel Ian presented very believable characters along with a strong scenarios that drew you into the story. 

Troubles is set in the near future where governments are no longer effective and Earth has used up most of the natural resources. Corruption has ran rampant and money is basically worthless. It is where everyone for themselves and life is cheap. The hope of the story is the return to a time when it was basically free to walk down the street and not get mugged or killed. Corporate, police and the rich don't have to worry, they live in the gated communities where they are somewhat safe. 

Henry, the man character of the story finds himself being trained to be a sniper the law and order man of the green zone. He inherits the task of killing anyone that robs, or kills someone else in the green zone. He becomes the judge, jury and executioner but he wants to change that way of life by working to return the green zone and its inhabitants to law and order without the gun.

Susan is the daughter of the man that trained Henry and is the second main character. Some parts of the story is told from her POV. She is just as deadly or more so than Henry but not as quick to kill as she is.

Here is a link to Ian's book that you will find yourself unable to put down!
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