Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Character Interview- Brandi Boudini

Today, I sat down with Brandi and talked to her about her life. You can read all about Brandi's life in detail in the book Brandi's Nightmare. or on Smashwords at

My first question was, how long has it been since the nightmare began?

She leaned back in her chair and sighed before speaking. "It has been four long years since the car bombing that killed those I loved and changed my life."

So did you find out who killed your parents?  A tiny tear trickled down her eye as she recalled their deaths. " I finally did but I am not a liberty to say. My biggest question was "Why", that was what I wanted to know."

Did you learn why? She paused not wanting to say more but after a short silence she spoke finally. "It turned out not to be all the reasons I thought."  She again paused before adding. "I thought it was because of my father being jealous of my step father having my mother, and they had testified against him sending him away to prison, or because he was involved  in the CIA."

Your father, actually your step father was a former member of the Mob hiding in a witness protection plan and was involved in the CIA while in the plan, how did that happen? "My father was a forger in the Mob and the CIA put his skills to use for them. Somehow they found out he was hiding under a false name and without the FBI even knowing it, the CIA recruited him."

The FBI agent in charge first broke the story that former mobster had been killed in a car bombing along with his wife. They thought right away the Mob was behind the killing at first but you proved them wrong. 
Brandi sighed again, she looked tired like this was a big ordeal for her. "I thought the same thing for a long time and told my real father that if I ever proved he had anything to do with it, I would kill him with my own hands."
Another tear escaped while she waited on my next question. 
Is that why you took all those martial arts training along with becoming a kick boxer?  Wiping the tear away, she spoke. "I didn't like it that I was forced into a car against my will by two or maybe it was three of my father's bodyguards, then by others, so I decided to do something. Martial arts was a good start. I also learned to fire a weapon for protection."
Why did you give up kick boxing after losing your first professional fight? "I learned to love kick boxing and became very good at it, I thought, but when I didn't even see the blow that knocked me out, I started having second thoughts. My thoughts went to the first fight for my life that I was in during my trip to London, you saw it in all the local papers there. In that fight; I was getting the crap beat out of me. Then I realized while I laid in the hospital after the fight that she had been just toying with me. In desperation, I made a kick that should have not killed her but, she was in the process of finishing me off. When she moved to do so, I got lucky and hit her upside the head, breaking her neck. She died instantly. After I woke up in the hospital from my being knocked out, I realized that it could happen to me like it did that woman in London. I hung up my gloves then and never stepped back into the ring. Instead I concentrated on finishing law school."
 All the while you were going to law school you kept trying to find out who killed your parents and why? Do you wish you had dropped it? "I had a friend in the FBI that more less kept me informed on what was going on. They were no longer investigating the case when the state department stepped in and CIA saying this was not their jurisdiction and the case was closed as far as they were concerned. Especially after their main suspect, my father, was proven to be in the presence of another FBI agent at the time of the bombing and they couldn't prove he had any connection to the bombing even though he was with my parents shortly before they died. That was their only weak connection."
Brandi took a deep breath then added. "I found out from them that my father and maybe my mother was involved in killing a couple and hiding the bodies in a storage unit. Those they killed resembled them. The FBI agent suspected that they killed them and were planning to place them in the car then set off the explosive, but it was set off before they could carry out their plan."
So they were planning to disappear from your life regardless? "Yes, that was the heartbreaking part of all this, I learned. Sometimes, I wish I had just let it drop and leave it to others to find the reasons and the killer or killers."
She stood up signalling the interview was over so I asked her quickly, "Are there any parting words you wish to say?"
"Yes, the good thing about all this was I found family that I never knew existed and have a beautiful smart daughter that I love more than anything. Even though I didn't give birth to her, she is my soul daughter. I have accepted a job in the prosecutor's office in Buffalo, New York. That is where you can find me."
I watched her walk away, her face was the face of a woman no longer the young girl I once knew. She might still be considered pretty by some but her nose had been broken so many times that it had a slight crook to it pointing to the side. All the bruises were gone from her face from the years of fighting but her face no longer had the girlish glow about her.  If any reader has a question they would like to ask Brandi, just comment on this post and I will forward it to her for an answer! 
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