Monday, February 10, 2014

Varied interest.

I guess I am like most readers, I love to read and every once in a while I stray from what I normally read especially when requested to do a review of a book or a review swap. If it is something I normally don't read, I surprise myself by becoming engrossed in a well written story even if it is not subject matter that I read normally. Since I have been sick, I have fallen behind by I am slowly catching up. Right now I am in the middle of reading a book by Ian Miller called "Troubles" and will do a review this week on it. (I hope)

I was hoping to have my final edit back from the editor a week ago but she has been sick, moving and other problems getting it finished and back to me. The book is my novella called "Sasha: a beam of light" I don't think that will happen for another week while my editor recovers. Such is life, I wish her a speedy recovery.

I still have a couple of more books awaiting editing but due to finances, I will have to wait to get them done even if I go to another editor. If any of you follow LinkedIn, you will see a thread by me about writing in the first person instead of the third person I normally write in. My book "IronHeart" is giving me fits trying to write the first time in the first person so I went on there to seek other writer's advice. They have been so helpful that I might go back to it and write a little more instead of working on "Jody's Dilemma" that I am writing in my usual third person that feel the most comfortable doing so. Yesterday, I even wrote a little on my western "Saddle Spur" that I haven't touched in six months or longer. How is your week starting off?

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